Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the road to hell -

so clearly just when i thought that i would be a good little blogger, i breached faith in the most egregious way thus far. it's been quite a while people and to be completely honest i don't have the energy to catch you all up; furthermore i'm betting that you don't have the energy to read the tome of an entry that it would require.

it's july 28th. i go home a week from today and i've never been more ready in my life. it has been four months since i've seen bill and seven since sweet home chicago. i have actually been missing the city quite a bit lately - ah homesickness.

right now things are fairly quiet. i've been working on my field project with a group of three other women who i generally like although one of them has been driving me reasonably crazy on and off. i've basically reached fluency in italian, thank god. there's nothing that i detest worse in this life than feeling ill at ease, stupid, or unable to express myself (as those of you who know me well very well know) so having conquered the majority of that obstacle feels pretty good. it's interesting to be at this level with a language though because i often find myself thinking in parallel in english and italian. so far it has served me well.

anyway. for those of you in chicago: i hope to see you in the next four weeks. for those of you outside: i hope to see you too i just don't know when. vi voglio bene.